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YOU ASKED: What is "violent radicalisation", really? Does it lead to terrorism? What can we do about it?

There is little doubt that the term “violent radicalization” -i.e. embracing ideas, opinions and belief continua that could potentially lead to acts of terrorism -, contains several conceptual nuances and although it does not officially exist in the social science nomenclature, it obviously refers to the development of a specific socialization process that might lead to, or facilitate engaging in violent extremism. It should be noted that there is no universal agreement regarding the definition of “violent radicalization” and there are several ways of approaching the issue; the process of radicalization toward violent extremism is a confluence of particular individual predispositions, world views and personal experiences. The personal journey and psychopathological elements of each individual must be taken into consideration by frontline practitioners, so as to distinguish, properly evaluate and ultimately decide what course of action to follow.
This article will be focusing on both …